Digital Transformation

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Recent and leading events up to date has been fast and furious. Every player and non-player out there has been trying to jump on the bandwagon of digital technology but is there really room to do so? While doing so, there is a wide range of product and services that are here and powerful enough to kick start changes.

When we discuss about transformation, it is probably similar to an industrial revolution and at the rate we are seeing disruptions and ideas in this space, there is little wonder that how this might be taking on faster than expected.

Researchers are already developing and building on new trends; the data scientists are working on analytics and producing methodologies to convert and build quality referrals in business managements tools. Our own government are ploughing some seed capital and supporting our own launch-pad in building Block 79, our very own Silicon Valley.

To specialize and build the focus, HR digital transformation – is there a necessity at this moment? Before we begin, just let me bring back to the perks of being in the recruitment/human resources line. Not only do we see what big companies do, we see what small companies do and their struggles.

To manage that constant struggle, the birth of technology were built in to solve their problems but not without certain difficulties of course. Software, platforms, SAP/MYOP consolidated programs, recruitment, payroll, talent management tools, you name  it; we got it all here and if not, some where on this planet.

It does trigger a small thought in a boutique recruitment firms like ours; will we live through the ages or will we just age through all these transformation without any presence. While we think about sustainability, we reflect on a few key takeaways in our recent seminar on ACE’s HR Digital Transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology is here to stay.
  • Solutions are being presented and created everyday; more are in the process.
  • Many platforms are available now and HR will need to use them one day. In the process,
  • Jobseekers will need to stay relevant to go beyond a plutonic employee-employer relationship

Talent retention and talent pool is a problem we constantly have to deal with. With a new batches of workforce evolving from Gen X, Gen Y to Millenniums; we certainly do not know what is in store in the future. There is one thing we can do now – Stay Relevant.

How HR can help or hinder this transformation in the organisation. That’s Mind-set.