Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Is there a difference?

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In your own opinion, before checking out ‘google’, is there a difference between resume and a curriculum vitae (“CV”)? If yes, what exactly is the difference? If no, why isn’t there any at all?

Well, if this is a mystery to you then the answer is yes and there is a difference between these two. At the end of this information session; you would have found out which is which and it is time to review and amend to your understanding. For a start, let’s define both words:


It is a one or two page summary the defines an individual’s work experience, skills and education.

A resume naturally is already defined as a summary of information so it must always be presented clearly and concise. The information can be work experience, credentials, skills, accomplishments and even a career objective.

It is also being commonly begin requested for especially for a job-applicant to a prospective employer. A resume, indeed should be summarized effectively in such a way it can be easily understood and recommended to be a page long.

It could be in chronological order, functional or both, which really depends on the position that are applied for.

Curriculum Vitae:

It is a short/brief account of an individual’s work experience, qualifications and education.

The true difference is in length and in purpose. A CV is typically longer than a resume; as it includes more information about academics, degrees, awards, presentations and so on and so forth. The reason why you need a CV is most likely used for a grant, scholarship or fellowship.

In fact, it is used almost frequently in job applications as well today. A relevant CV is most likely used for academics, education, medical and research related positions where professional licensing, awards and research publication makes a huge contribution to the roles that are applied for

In all, whether you are writing a resume or a CV; it must be built in particular attention to a certain role or reason why you are customizing your credentials. You can never tell whether it is a robot or a human who is screening through your information today.

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